How to Trade the EUR/USD Currency Pair


In order to successfully trade the EUR/USD pair, it is important to understand how the currency pairs are correlated. The EUR/USD currency pair has a lot of volume in the forex market, and it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the trends in the EUR/USD before you begin trading. It is also important to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results. That’s why it is important to learn how to read the charts before you trade them.

The best platform for buying the EUR/USD pair is MetaTrader 5. Download the software to your computer, launch it and select the “New Order” icon. This will give you access to the market and guide you in making investments. Alternatively, you can use the tixee Web Trader, which works on all devices and allows you to keep up with economic news. You can choose the best platform for you based on your experience and the currency pair you wish to trade.

During the summer of 2018, the EUR/USD was on a downtrend. This was because the Euro was weaker against the dollar was strengthening. From September until February 2020, EUR/USD traded in a narrow range of 1.0875 to 1.1240. The coronavirus pandemic in February and March 2020 exacerbated volatility in the EUR/USD currency pair. This caused investors to take a cautious approach to the Euro and its underlying currency.

The Euro/USD currency pair is the most commonly traded pair in the world. EUR is the base currency and USD is the counter currency. When you buy EUR one unit will buy you $1.20. Conversely, if the euro weakens, the value of your income can decrease. This is why a forex trader will seek out the best currency pair that matches the company’s financial goals. The best currency pair to trade in is EUR/USD (EURUSD).

The EUR/USD hourly volatility chart shows how much EUR/USD moves in pips every hour. It’s important to note that volatility peaks during GMT hours and declines after these times. Therefore, if you are looking to day trade the euro/USD, it is best to trade between 0700 and 2000 GMT. Trading outside of these times will not yield enough profits to offset your commissions and spread. You can use the EUR/USD hourly volatility chart to determine the best time to trade.

Wave analysis strategies rely on patterns in the market. For example, EUR/USD 4 hour chart may reveal a bullish wave 1-2 pattern. The price bounced from 61.8% Fibonacci support level, and the wave trader could enter long at that reversal point. When trading the EUR/USD currency pair, it’s important to remember that previous performance is not indicative of future performance. However, price action is an excellent indicator for predicting future price movement.

The best time to trade the EUR/USD currency pair is during the trading hours of New York and London. In general, these are the best hours for trading the EUR/USD currency pair, and it’s possible to make a profit from them without incurring too many commission costs and spreads. A good trading window is between the hours of 1300 and 1600 GMT, when both New York and London are open. During this three-hour time frame, spreads are tightest.

The exchange rate of the EUR/USD currency pair fluctuates constantly. When the Euro rises, it gains in value, while if the dollar falls, it decreases. If the exchange rate of the EUR/USD decreases, the dollar strength increases, while the Euro is weakening. However, there are exceptions. A stronger dollar will always outperform the weaker one. It is also necessary to monitor the Euro/USD exchange rate to ensure that your investment is profitable.

The US Dollar is the most widely traded currency in the world. The euro is second. Both currencies account for nearly one-third of all trading volume. The EUR/USD is an excellent choice for trend traders and day traders. The EUR/USD currency pair is accessible around the clock. A trader can earn up to $3,750 per day with this currency pair and make up to 3,080 European Currency Units a month. These numbers are incredible.