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  If I could come up with a way for you to quit your job and retire -   and I mean really retire, like move to the Caribbean kind of retire -   would that pique your interest ? !

The idea sure got my attention.  It’s all I could dream of.  If businesses could replace us workers with robots, why couldn’t we replace our jobs with robots?  Surprisingly, that answer did come to me, but not as I had first imagined.  It turned out to be quite simple.

Think about this, we’ve all had to pay tax preparers year after year to figure out our taxes, until a couple of amazing software programs became available – and now we can all do our own taxes right on our home computers.  If something as complicated as US tax laws can be automated, then automating retirement investments could surely be possible!

Every year investment managers are paid a small fortune to barely keep their clients afloat, we have all questioned whose interest they have at heart.  Now, after 5 years of research and testing, we can replace those investment managers (middleman) with reliable computer software.

To get investors interested in their company, investment managers want to show high returns without boldface lying and the more they make their clients the more they make themselves. To have higher returns, they have to take more risks to achieve those returns. They believe that their expertise can make up the difference. That’s why they bought housing derivatives. When they can make their client more money, they make more for themselves and when they lose money because they accepted higher risks, they only lose the clients money.

I will let you in on a much safer way to get higher returns, cut out the middle man. Today over 75% of trades are made by a computer. Even your investment managers use computers to decide what trades to make. The only thing that stops any of us from doing the same and thereby retiring and living off of our investments, is that we don’t know how.

There are two simple answers, either learn how or let the computer do it, we can help either way. You see when we started, there was only the one option, learn how. And we did. 

Our specialty is retirement and investment programs, with an emphasis on safety as found on the foreign exchange currency market. 

We have developed several advanced trading robots designed to assist traders as well as investors.  We have a focus on financial safety and security. 

We were established in 2007 by Bob Llewellyn, from the desire to find a way for anyone to be able to have an income no matter where they choose to live.

In our study of retirement programs, in an effort to evaluate and refine them, we quickly realized that the new forex market was exceptionally well fitted for this research primarily because the forex market is the most transparent market on the planet, and it was extremely young at less than a dozen years old.

At that time, no one had created a trading system specifically for this market. During this process, our researchers developed a new type of trading specifically designed for the forex market which was mathematically based. The basic difference between the traditional methods of trading brought over from stock markets and the futures market vs the new system of trading is that the traditional, fundamental, and technical styles focus on the prediction of price movement, where the new systemic systems were developed to use the entire historical trading range as a singular unit requiring very little in the way of forecasting. This new focus has led to several new types of trading programs. In 2008 we introduced the GoldenGrid system. 

We develop simple and easy to use software that takes the worry out of investing, and puts more profit in your pocket!


RISE software

Retirement Investment Software enables you to replace your investment manager.  Attach this easy to use software to your broker account and watch your profits climb!  Don’t pay an investment manager whether or not he makes you a return – take the control and ensure yourself of a good return on your investment.  RISE wins more than 99% of its trades.  Check out this first of its kind, fully automated, no-loss, home investment program – specifically for non-US investors.                                                                   

* US investors – see the P-I-G


Passive Income Generator

The Passive Income Generator replaces your investment manager!  Just as you would use a tax preparation program like TurboTax to replace your tax preparer, you can use The P-I-G to replace your investment manager.  The P-I-G program uses a basket hedge approach, and though it opens trades at various points and time, when it’s time to close they all close together for a total net profit, every time. Those profit average around 15% annually. Over 15% and no losses, what investment manager can say that.

Why not consider this fully automated, no-loss, home investment program for your own family’s retirement needs? – What is more, the Passive Investment Generator works on all U.S. brokers as it was developed specifically for US investors   

* higher risk appetite? – look at Pegasus. 


Pegasus high-yield investment software

 Pegasus High-Yield Investment Software is for those that would prefer to have a little higher risk in exchange for quite a better return.  Pegasus is the perfect balance between the extremes of having to spend the time to learn how to become a professional trader and being happy with 12% a year.

To get the best of both worlds, might we recommend a little diversification and use RISE on one account with half of your forex investment capital, and Pegasus on the other. 



cut out the middle man f-a

You can keep more of your investment dollars by simply cutting out the middle man … and you are able to do this with any of our trading programs because our software replaces investment managers!